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The main plot behind the Awkward season 4 mid-season finale was the reveal about Eva’s compulsive lying, and Sadie and Jenna’s attempt to sabotage her.  We found out that Eva was lying about her identity.  Sadie arrived at this small home where Eva actually lived.  We found out that she lives with her grandmother because her mother left her.  And her grandmother isn’t so stable herself, being a hoarder.  Suddenly, there was a reasoning behind Eva’s lying, and we could finally sympathize with her.  But then, Sadie went into Eva’s bedroom and reality went out the window.  All of a sudden, Eva became some crazy exaggeration obsessed with people.  She’s far from being realistic or believable.

Also, what’s with the two male characters that they added this season.  They serve no point in the story, and their lines feel way too forced.  They had way too much of an emphasis in the mid-season finale.

Other characters that were oddly placed were Lissa and Tyler… Like what happened there??

Biggest complaint… So, there was supposed to be this nasty winter storm.  However, when the characters went outside, there weren’t any clouds, the sun was shining, and the trees weren’t even moving.  It was completely obvious that the technical staff were just blowing fake snowflakes in the actors faces.  Seriously?  That was the best they could do?  I know it’s an MTV show, but there are standards.  This technical failure distracted me from the story.  Big mistake.

The story did end on a good note.  The reveal that Eva is actually pregnant was surprising and a great cliff-hanger to end the season until its return in the fall.  Hopefully the show will improve in its return.  I’m still hopeful for the original rawness and real-ness of Awkward Season 1.

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