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No Faults in These Stars – Movie Edition


I’d first off like to warn you, that I’m not the biggest fan of “The Fault In Our Stars.”  Yes, I read the book, and yes, I saw the movie on opening night.  However, it’s only an ok story and doesn’t do much for me.  So, I apologize to any die-hard fans who may be offended by any of my comments.

While not the biggest fan of the book, I do think they did a great job on the movie.  I love when stories based off books actually use lines from the book in the script.  “The Fault In Our Stars” did that a countless number of times, and I greatly appreciated it.  It kept the story raw, fresh, and true to the book.

One aspect I actually liked better in the movie than in the book was the character of Augustus.  Now, before you die-hard fans attack me, let me explain.  In the book, I found Augustus to be too over-confident, making him a bit arrogant.  And I just didn’t find his character believable.  However, I am more of a visual person, and seeing him in the movie did change my opinions.  I found Augustus to be a very charming and funny character.  I finally understood Hazel’s attraction to him, wanting an Augustus Waters of my own.  In fact, he was my favorite part of the movie until everything fell apart…

On a technical front, I like how the movie portrayed Hazel and Augutus’ texts.  We were able to see them as cute dialogue bubbles that appeared on the screen.  What I liked about this approach is that we were able to see the characters reactions and facial expressions to the texts as they appeared, adding visual detail to the story.

For a person who’s not overly impressed by the overall story of “The Fault In Our Stars,” I thought that the movie was done really well.  The acting was superb.  It was sad, but still had it’s funny laugh-out-loud moments.  Overall, it receives Kimmy’s seal of approval.  Okay?  Okay.

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