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Orange is DEFINITELY the New Black (SPOILERS)


If you thought season 1 of “Orange Is The New Black” was great, season 2 is even better.  Once again, “Orange Is The New Black” graced its audience with clever writing, award-worthy acting, and controversial issues.  Let’s look at some of the highlights…

I love how this season poked fun at the fact that no one really likes Piper.  The writers did a great job in illustrating that Piper has finally realized how annoying and selfish she appears.  Emphasizing this fact, the writers made her less of a central character, diverting more attention towards other characters, such as Red and Taystee.

The newest and most infamous character this season was Vee.  The writers did a great job in introducing her character.  The first time we saw her was in Taytee’s flashback.  Right off the back, I emphasized with Vee, applauding her for taking in the orphaned Taystee.  I thought she was a kind and caring person who just happened to get involved with drugs in order to make a living and get by.  Just like Taystee, I was played by Vee.  Over time, the writers revealed to us that Vee was not as nice as she first appeared.  This was done flawlessly.

Another reveal that was well done was the reveal about Morello and her “fiancé” Christopher.  I got played into thinking that Morello and Christopher were the perfect couple, planning to get married as soon as she was released.  I got played just like all the other inmates.  Not only did the writers do a great job in surprising the viewers with this information.  They also made it so that I still emphasized with Morello, understanding that she is obsessive, but still human.

I even liked the backstory written about Fig.  These writers can make me sympathize with the most despicable people.  They remind us that no one is truly evil.  And they have written some of the most dynamic characters I have ever seen on TV.

Overall, I don’t have too many complaints.

I didn’t really like the first episode.  While it provided more context to Piper and Alex’s relationship and situation, it was a relatively depressing episode.  And we didn’t see any of the other characters who are the ones I actually care about.

Why did Fischer have to go?  I do think she was a little to soft for the job, but she was a great contrast to the other prison staff.  Here’s hoping she’ll return in season 3!

The last episode… While I did appreciate that it wasn’t as upsetting as the finale of season 1, I felt like there was a bit too much closure.  There weren’t any big cliff-hangers causing me to beg for season 3.  In fact, I would be perfectly fine if the series just ended right there.

I’m curious to see where the show goes, but I’m excited.  I have yet to be disappointed.

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