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Project Castor (SPOILERS)


Holy Crap!!  Once again “Orphan Black” blew us away with its season 2 finale.

Let’s start with the amazingly talented Tatiana Maslany.  Just within the first five minutes, she shows us that she deserves all of the awards.  During the opening scene, Sarah was asked whether she has had an abortion and responded beautifully and naturally.  She hesitated, forcing back tears and finally mumbled “yeah.”  Maslany illustrated the complications and consequences of a woman who has experienced abortion.  Through her body movements, facial expressions, and voice, Maslany showed that even if a woman believes she made the right decision by going through with an abortion, it is still a difficult and emotional decision to make.  That one part of the finale tackled one of the most controversial issues today, and Maslany did it flawlessly.

Maslany continued to wow us with her acting during the goofy dance montage.  Each clone had a different dance style that perfectly matched her personality.  Maslany continues to prove that she can act as any type of character no matter if she is speaking, singing, dancing, or an entirely different gender.  Along with that, great job to all of the technical staff for pulling off a scene with four clones in it.  I can’t even begin to imagine how much time and dedication that must have taken.  But it definitely paid off.

One more paragraph of praise for Maslany… We finally had a scene with Cosima and Kira together.  Not only was the writing great in this scene, so was the acting (as usual).  Maslany did a great job in showing that Cosima is an entirely different character from Sarah.  She speaks differently and even has different mannerism.  This was illustrated beautifully in Cosima’s interactions with Kira.  They were entirely different from Sarah and Kira’s interactions.  This scene was refreshing, and I absolutely loved it.

Just like always, this episode was filled with suspense.  I was literally siting on the edge of my seat the whole time.  The writing was superb.  The acting from all the actors was absolutely amazing.  Now, before we get to the big ending, I do have a few critiques…

In the beginning, Sarah and Mrs. S were arguing.  They suddenly hugged, and then, while Mrs. S was tending to Felix, Sarah left.  I got the impression that Sarah snuck out without Mrs. S and Felix knowing.  That was because she kind of just grabbed her stuff and left without saying goodbye.  However, the next time we see Mrs. S and Felix, they weren’t concerned by the whereabouts of Sarah.  Did they all agree on the fact that Sarah should turn herself in?  There was a bit of context missing here, and it distracted me from the story.

Speaking of Mrs. S and Felix, Mrs. S told Felix that he had to get a toxicology test; however, it didn’t seem like Felix left the house until he visited Art.  I got the impression that Felix never got the test done.  While it was not that important, it was distracting.  The writers should have just left out the whole toxicology thing in order to lessen the confusion.

Where did Allison go?  After the dance montage, we saw all the clones except Allison.  She kind of just disappeared with no warning.  I assumed that maybe Allison went home to be with her kids and Donnie.  But still, Allison is my favorite character and I would have loved to see her interact with the other clones more.

Now for my biggest complaint: Helena.  How did Sarah, Cosima, Kira, and Felix not notice that Helena was suddenly gone?  I’m assuming that Felix was responsible for her since he was the one who got her from Art, yet he never reacted to the fact that she was gone.  Sarah even walked past Jesse’s hat on her way out the door, but later in the episode, she didn’t seem like she had any idea that Helena was missing.  Also, the whole time that Cosima and Kira are reading, you’d think that one of them would notice Helena was gone.  But no, Helena goes missing and mysteriously, nobody notices.  Poor Helena… I hope where she’s going isn’t too bad.  But I feel like there was too much of a plot hole around Helena’s disappearance.  Hopefully, the writers can answer my concerns in season 3.

Ok, now here we go…. the twist ending… Project Castor.

This ending was absolutely amazing.  It was completely unpredictable.  I had it made up in my mind that the only clones out there were that of Sarah and her sisters.  So the concept of male clones just never crossed my mind.  Then, when we saw the back of the new clone’s head and Sarah said “I recognize him,” I immediately assumed that it was Paul.  Once again, I was fooled.  It wasn’t until I saw the clone in the military uniform (right after I saw Mark’s wedding) that I realized who it was.  Out of all the male characters from the show, he is the last one I would have ever predicted.  But that was the writers’ goal.  They wanted to trick their viewers until the very last-minute, and they succeeded.  They had this reveal set up the whole time, and they did a great job to keep their secret hidden.  I’m curious to re-watch season 2 and see if certain aspects of the story line have changed for me based on this new information.

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