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Entre Chien et Loup (SPOILERS)


I have finally jumped on the band wagon and started watching “Teen Wolf.”  I’m hoping to catch up in time to watch season 4 since it just started airing.  And I must say, I’m starting to become addicted to this dramatic MTV series.

The season started out pretty cheesy, especially those romance scenes between Scott and Allison.  Even the werewolf scenes in the beginning seemed a little too clichéd, but as the season went on, the story became darker.  It went from a typical teen drama to a thrilling fantasy series.

The writers did a great job in creating the world of the story.  I liked how it wasn’t just about werewolves.  There were the werewolf hunters as well.  The writers created this dynamic interaction between three different groups of people: the werewolves, the hunters, and the regular people.

All of the characters were relatively complex.  They each had their own personalities and flaws.  They were both relatable and believable.  Frequently, the “popular kids” in teen series are relatively one-dimensional and just overall too cruel to be true; however, Jackson and Lydia were far more complex than this.  Jackson was adopted which helped to explain his need to excel in everything.  Lydia was exceptionally smart, yet liked to cover it up with her looks and fake ditziness.  I sympathized with these two characters just as much as the other which is something I rarely see in teen shows.

There were a few plot holes in the season that distracted me a bit.  Derek got shot/injured so many times, to the point where I thought he was dead.  Yet, in the next episode, he returned as if nothing happened to him.  Either Derek does not follow the rules of the world or werewolves have nine lives.  It just didn’t seem believable to me, especially considering that his responses to his injuries weren’t consistent.  Also, when comparing him to other werewolves, such as Scott or the Alpha, Derek recovered much more easily than either of them.  Why?

What is Scott’s boss, Dr. Deaton’s involvement in this whole werewolf business?  In episode 6 and 7 (the night when Scott and his friends got trapped in the school), it was rather implied that Dr. Deaton was the Alpha; however, after those episodes, the characters somehow knew that he actually wasn’t the Alfa.  We do learn later in the season that Dr. Deaton does know about the werewolves.  However, is he a werewolf himself?  We don’t know.  I’m just really curious about him and wished there was a bit more clarification during the season.

It was clearly evident that the Alpha was different from Derek or Scott.  He completely transformed into a wolf.  Now, I do understand that Derek had mentioned that not all werewolves are the same, but I wanted to know why the Alpha was different.  Was it just because he was the Alpha?  Or was it because he was an evil werewolf?  I just had a hard time believing that he could look entirely different from the other werewolves.

I’m looking forward to continuing this series.  Hopefully my questions will be answered in season 2.

One comment on “Entre Chien et Loup (SPOILERS)

  1. Julia!
    July 2, 2014

    Ahhh I watched just the first season! I want to watch the rest!

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