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The Dramatic Premiere of Extant (SPOILERS)


Halle Berry’s arrival to the small screen was all the buzz this past Wednesday.  Could “Extant” be the hit of the summer, encouraging more A-list stars to take the plunge into television?

Extant is a drama, and the creators laid it on thick.  The pilot episode was saturated with an ex-lover, alien intelligence, family complications, a government organization with secrets, and a possible love affair.  But will the acting and character development be able to keep up with the drama?  We’ll just have to wait and see.

I’m still trying to figure out Halle Berry’s character, Molly.  I don’t know whether to trust her or not.  I have yet to figure out her motivations and desires.

One of my biggest issues with this episode were two scenes involving Molly and her lack of reaction during large plot twists.  The first scene was when Molly found out she was pregnant.  When told the news, she sat there lacking any facial expression, and then she just mentioned how it was impossible.  If I heard this news and was convinced that pregnancy was not a possibility for me, I would have totally freaked out and at least showed my reaction through facial expressions or movement.  But that wasn’t the case for Molly.  Another scene where this occurred was when Molly saw Kryger, who was supposedly dead.  Since Molly was sent on a similar mission, I would have expected her to feel great sympathy for Kryger and have been completely surprised when finding him in her driveway.  But instead, Molly stayed relatively calm and asked him questions.  She didn’t seem surprised, relieved, upset, or anything.  Once again, Molly lacked any reaction.  I don’t know if this was an acting issue, a directing issue, or a writing issue.  But this lack of emotion caused an already hard-to-believe show to be even less believable.  At this point in time, the staff should be really focused on creating the willing suspension of disbelief, making the show relatable so the audience is able to be consumed in the story and believe the science fiction.

Does it seem too predictable?  That’s what I kept thinking the whole way through.  I kept coming up with possible theories as to what could be going on.  I assumed that Molly was impregnated by an alien, that the International Space Exploration Agency knows something about this and is involved or wants to cover up the aliens, and that Ethan is going to turn on his parents.  I was convinced I had the show figure out when I barely had any evidence.  But maybe that’s exactly what the writers want.  It all depends on how the show plays out.  It’s either going to be extremely predictable or mind-blowingly deceiving.  Let’s hope it’s the latter.

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