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The Sky Darkens: Teen Wolf Season 2 (SPOILERS)


During season 2, it was reinforced that “Teen Wolf” isn’t a silly teen drama, it is a dark thriller.  Season 2 was exciting, suspenseful, and addicting.

Can we just talk about the new opening credits?  I loved the fast paced music mixed with the action shots of the characters.  It was sexy and got me pumped up for the episode.  Job well done.

I like how there isn’t one enemy in the show.  This season, we were given more of the dynamic interaction between the everyday people, the werewolves, and the werewolf hunters.  We even got the addition of the Kanima and Dr. Deaton and the guidance counselor.  Each grouping had its strengths and weaknesses.  And each grouping made good and bad decisions.  Overall, no one was truly evil.  They all had motivations that I was able to sympathize with.  I like how the writers continue to give us these deep characters that we constantly root for.

Unfortunately, one part of this season that bothered me was the addition of the new students to Derek’s wolf pack.  I didn’t mind that there were new Betas, however, I did not like how it was approached.  Let me explain… As soon as Isaac, Erica, and Boyd became werewolves, their personalities changed.  They became aggressive and possessed this extreme blood lust.  I had difficulty believing this, and it took me out of the world of the story.  Reason being: when Scott became a werewolf, his personality did not change.  This aspect of the story just seemed inconsistent between the two seasons.  I wish the new Betas had more of a gradual change.  Thankfully, the Betas became more normal as the season went on, but I still wish for more consistency in the future.

My biggest complaint about season 2 dealt with Allison.  I thought that it was completely out of character for Allison to turn on the werewolves.

1) Yes, I understood that Allison’s mother was bitten by Derek and was going to turn into a werewolf.  However, Allison out of everyone should have known that werewolves aren’t all evil.  Scott is a prime example of a good werewolf that Allison was able to love.  I would have expected Allison to be more angry at her parents, realizing that her mother could have survived and still have lived a meaningful life.

2) Allison didn’t even seem to be close enough to her mother to lust for revenge.  In fact, I didn’t even know Allison had a mother till many episodes into the series.

3) In the beginning of the season, Allison was against the family business.  She constantly went behind their back and helped Scott and his crew.  I did not believe that Allison’s mother’s death would make her completely change her mind for the reasons stated above.

4) Out of everyone in her family, Allison is closest with her father.  Allison didn’t even have a relationship with Gerard until he showed up.  So, when Allison’s father started to disagree with Gerard, I expected Allison to follow suit and join her father.

Teen Wolf season 2 was exceptionally good.  I am excited to see where this show goes and am curious as to what else may happen.

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