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The Maze Runner Slows Down to a Surprising Finish (SPOILERS)


In “The Death Cure,” Dashner continued to trick me with his unpredictable plot twists and turns.  I learned to expect the unexpected.  This kept the book interesting and original.

Unfortunately, this book was not as easy to get through as the first two.  Now that the trials were over, there wasn’t a set task that the characters had to accomplish.  As the book went on, the characters tried to figure out what to do next, which eventually led to the super objective of destroying WICKED.  However, without a set objective, I felt like the book moved a bit slower than the previous ones.  There wasn’t as much tension and momentum in “The Death Cure.”

My biggest complaint from the previous two books was the character development.  Unfortunately, that wasn’t addressed in “The Death Cure.”  The characters were still left dimensionless and unrelatable.

Now for the ending…  I didn’t really care about it to be honest.  I was surprised, but didn’t feel any emotion other than that.  And I think this was all do to the fact that I didn’t really care for any of the characters.  I just felt like Dashner took the easy way out and nothing was truly resolved.

This is truly a series about action and science fiction, not a deep story about human nature.  In curious to read the prequel.  I hope that it will answer my remaining questions about the Flare and the actual solar flares incident.

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