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Extinct (SPOILERS)


I enjoyed episode 2 of “Extant” more than episode 1.  Both the acting and writing was better.  Unlike the pilot, I did not feel like I was being thrown information without any context.  In this episode, we started to get that context, fully understanding the characters and their stories.

I absolutely love the world of this story.  In the pilot episode, we were shown glimpses of what the world looks like in this fictitious future.  The technical team did a great job in keeping this consistent in episode 2.  Each scene is embedded with details of the world’s modern technology.  Some prime examples are the cars, trash compactors, toys, natural history museum, metal sectors, and mirrors.  The new technology is very creative, but not too extreme.  This allows the world of the story to not only be fascinating, but also very relatable.  I’m looking forward to the technology of tomorrow.

Unfortunately, I still think this series is too predictable.  I was hoping that in episode 2 my predictions would be proven wrong, but alas, they were only enforced.  I’m hoping that the writers are just setting us up for a big plot twist.

I also felt that the bad guys were too bad.  I like villains to have flaws and motivations that allow me to understand their actions and sometimes even sympathize with them.  However, I feel like the villains in “Extant,” such as Alan Sparks and Hideki Yasumoto are just too evil.  When Molly approached Alan about her pregnancy, he acted concerned, claiming that he had nothing to do with what was happening to Molly.  All of a sudden, I had hope that there was more to this story and that Alan wasn’t completely evil.  However, in the next scene, we see Alan speaking with Hideki about Molly, and we know that everything he told her was a complete lie.  This made him even more evil than necessary.  Not only is he a manipulative liar, he is completely betraying a person he claims is a close friend.  I wish we could have been fooled a bit more alongside Molly.  I hope that in upcoming episodes these villains become more developed.  I want to understand their desires and motivations so that I can believe their role in this story.

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