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Carter: The Caged Bird (SPOILERS)


“Finding Carter” episode 2 brought us more tension between Carter and her biological family.

One scene that I really liked was when Carter showed Max the video of Elizabeth at the mall.  Carter seemed ruthless, relishing at Elizabeth’s torment.  Even Max agreed and voiced his opinions to Carter.  Carter then revealed why she felt so strongly towards Elizabeth.  Elizabeth will do anything in her power to arrest the woman Carter loves most.  Just like Max, I did not take this into consideration.  I thought that Carter was being irrational and cruel.  However, Carter did have true motivations to back up her actions.  And just like Max, I began sympathizing with Carter.  I liked how the writers formulated this scene.  It was written in a way that made me feel like I was Max, having this conversation with Carter herself.  I felt like I was a part of the story, learning about Carter along with the rest of her family.  Job well done!

This episode opened with Carter dancing at a party and getting a seizure.  The story stopped there, and then we were taken back to four days earlier.  Making a plot line decision like this is a big one.  It causes the opening scene to become the most important scene of the whole episode.  Unfortunately, I don’t think the creators made the right decision.  This prologue was not necessary.  The more I watched the episode, the more I forgot about the incident it was leading up to.  There was not enough build up to the seizure.  I also felt that the climax of this episode was the incident with Elizabeth at the mall with Carter’s accident just being a side effect.  I would have rather had the story presented in chronological order, preventing too much emphasis on Carter’s accident.

I’m looking forward to the upcoming episodes.  I want to start getting away from the family tension and learn more about Carter, her biological family, and Lori.  How are they all going to move forward from here?

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