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Does anyone else think that the song during the opening credits of “Finding Carter” sounds a lot like that of the song from “Orange is the New Black?”  Each time I watch “Finding Carter,” I am eerily reminded of “Orange is the New Black.”  It causes me to wonder if the creators picked “Vagabond” by Misterwives on purpose because they knew it resembled that of “You’ve Got Time” by Regina Spektor.  And I can’t decide whether I liked their decision or not…

As always, I love how the characters of this TV series are all likable.  Similar to Elizabeth, I found myself being drawn to Max’s ditzy, but sweet nature, proving that the nicest people come in all types and can be those you least expect.  Similar to Carter, I found myself being allured towards Crash.  Yes, he is a juvenile delinquent, but I can also tell that he is far more complex than that.  I want to learn more about his back story.  The writers make even the least likable characters likable by providing them with complex personalities and interesting stories.  Each character is unique, which is great to see in a teen drama when most characters are usually stereotypes.  I look forward to learning more about these great characters, maybe meeting a few more along the way.

I’m starting to get bored with the focus of the episodes being on the conflict between Carter and Elizabeth.  I’m hoping that in episode 4 the writers branch away from this conflict to focus on more pressing issues.  I want to learn more about Lori.  We’ve only learned about her through Carter’s point of view, but I want to see if Lori really is who Carter thinks she is.

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