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Rear Window (SPOILERS)


Continuing my classic movie binge, I have finally watched “Rear Window,” and I can happily say that I am no longer an Alfred Hitchcock film virgin.

I loved the overall setting of this film.  The entire film was shot in one place, so the technical team were able to get really detailed with the set.  We were only able see through the windows of the neighbors, only knowing a bit of what was actually going on.  This added to the suspense and drama.

The film was told from Jeff’s point of view, so everything the audience was able to see, Jeff saw.  I liked this approach because it allowed me to fully understand Jeff’s suspicions.  I felt like I was part of the story, watching everything unfold right next to Jeff.

Overall, great directing, camera work, and set design!

I loved the character of Lisa.  She was constantly challenging female standards, plunging into danger while still managing to look like a model.  I liked how her character wasn’t stereotypical.  She was a determined woman who wanted to prove to Jeff that she was able to handle a less glamorous lifestyle.

Unfortunately, I did not like the ending of this film.  I felt like there was no climax.  All of a sudden, Thorwald was in Jeff’s apartment and then as soon as the cops got there, he immediately confessed to everything.  It was so rushed, we didn’t even get to see the confession.  I wish the scene went on a little longer.  There were no falling actions to allow for a satisfying resolution.

The whole time I was watching the film, I hoped that there was going to be a twist in the plot line.  I almost thought it would have been more affective if nothing was happening at all and that Jeff, his friends, and the audience were all becoming paranoid and too involved in other people’s lives.  It would have been a great commentary on human nature.

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