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Funny, Impulsive, Ambitious, Lovable Girl


I don’t know why it took me this long to watch “Funny Girl.”  Not only is it a musical (I have a soft spot for musicals), it is a beautiful story about a one-of-a-kind actress and an ambitious woman.

Fanny Brice was a very well written character.  She had great lines and actions.  She was a character with a unique personality.  Fanny was annoying, yet lovable.  She challenged female stereotypes and the definition of beauty.  She was strong and powerful, yet vulnerable and insecure.  I fell in love with the character of Fanny, wanting to be her friend.  Not only did the writers do a good job in creating a complex character, but they also wrote great character development.  From the start of the film, we saw Fanny as this impulsive and ambitious girl.  As the story progressed, we saw her develop into an esteemed woman.  But growing up came with a price for Fanny.  We learned that even though she said her dream was to be an actress, her true dream was to find love.  While watching, I noticed the light in her eye disappear as she became more cautious and subdued.

Now, Fanny Brice would have been nothing without the talented work of Barbra Streisand.  Streisand was absolutely flawless.  She brought the character to life, adding the perfect intonation and facial expressions to Fanny’s speech.  Streisand did a great job in staying true to character through her voice and mannerisms.  I was completely convinced that Streisand wasn’t acting, but was actually Fanny herself.  Streisand was the perfect Funny Girl and definitely deserved that Oscar.

Let’s not forget all those amazing songs!  Growing up, I had grown accustomed to tunes such as “People” and “Don’t Rain on My Parade.”  I had no idea that these songs came from this film.  This proves the power of this movie and how it is a soundtrack of life and love.

“Funny Girl” was a sweet movie and definitely one I’ll watch time and time again.

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