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Lovable Losers of the Galaxy


I must admit, I was hesitant on seeing “Guardians of the Galaxy,” but when my friend insisted on seeing the film, I agreed to go with her.  And now I can happily say that the film defied all of my expectations.  “Guardians of the Galaxy” was action-packed, funny, sweet, and most importantly, fresh.

“Guardians of the Galaxy” was a visual feat.  Taking place throughout the galaxy in worlds we’ve never seen before, the technical team had a lot pressure in creating a new world for their audiences.  And they did a superb job.  The views were absolutely stunning and made me want to explore our universe.  It was really beautiful, but on top of that, the extraterrestrial setting wasn’t distracting.  While taking place in space, “Guardians of the Galaxy” didn’t feel like a science fiction film.  Instead, it felt like it was just taking place in a more colorful world like our own.  This alien world was relatable, and I think that allowed me to become more immersed in the story and its characters.

I love the fact that “Guardians of the Galaxy” doesn’t take itself too seriously.  One aspect of the DC comic films that I don’t like is that I find them to be a little too serious and too dark, so they don’t turn out to be as entertaining to me as they could be.  “Guardians of the Galaxy” was one of the funniest films I have seen all year.  Its action scenes were laced with lighthearted one-liners and humor.  This humor created a more relatable world with more relatable characters.  I know for a fact that people will be quoting lines from “Guardians of the Galaxy” in the years to come.

When it comes to superhero movies, I have decided to just wait to see them until they come out on DVD or On Demand instead of spending the time and money to see them at the theatre.  I’ve been finding superhero movies to be repetitive.  We keep being presented with similar movies about the same situations and characters: Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Catwoman, X-Men, the Hulk, Captain America, the Joker, Lex Luthor, alien attacks, hostage situations, explosions… the list goes on and on.  Yet, this was the first time we have ever been presented with a movie about the Guardians of the Galaxy.  It’s fresh and exciting.  Not having read the original comics, I had no idea who these characters were, which actually made me hesitant at first.  But now I know that creating a movie about new, different characters in an entirely different world is exactly what Marvel needed to do.

I loved every single character in “Guardians of the Galaxy,” including all the villains and minor characters.  Each Guardian was it’s own unique entity.  Peter Quill was arrogant and protective.  Gamora was a lonely bad-ass.   Drax was impulsive and ditzy, yet determined.  Rocket was aggressive, smart, and loyal.  Groot was awkward, but sweet.  Each character had a deep flaw, but were also genuine.  The characters were complex and interesting.  Deep down they were just like us, wanting to be loved (and of course wanting to dance to some awesome music).  And even though they are considered superheroes, they were far from super.  None of them had any supernatural ability (compared with their own species); instead, they each had a set of great skills and super personalities.  These intriguing characters were brought to life by the great acting of Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Bradley Cooper, and even Vin Deisel.

One character that I wish had a bit more complexity was Ronan.  While, I loved his make-up, Ronan was a rather one-dimensional character.  He absolutely hated everyone and wanted everything destroyed.  I don’t think I ever truly understood Ronan’s motivations.  He just seemed like this killing machine.  I wish that Ronan’s character was more developed.  I wanted to know why he acted the way he did.  I wanted to know his flaws and strengths, and what his super objective was.  Ronan could have easily been a more likable and believable villain if he got a bit more backstory.  In “Guardians of the Galaxy,” he just seemed to be too damn evil.

Just like most superhero films, “Guardians of the Galaxy” was rather predictable.  There was the big battle scene when all the characters finally came together.  But what I liked about “Guardians of the Galaxy” was that it was a story about more than just defeating the bad guys.  It was about a bunch of lonely characters coming together to fight for their home.  They learned to accept their flaws and made friends along the way.  And they all had a great sense of humor.  The humor and characters far out shadowed the predictable plot line.

“Guardians of the Galaxy” was fantastic and I highly recommend it.  I’m already excited for the sequel to come out.  In the meantime, I might pay a visit to my local comic store and catch up on what the Guardians are up to.



I am so glad that Peter Quill did not end up with Gamora at the end of the film.  In most superhero films, I feel that females characters are just added in to be romantic interests for the hero, damsels in distress, or both.  Gamora was not like that at all.  She was her own powerful superhero.  And while I did like the sexual tension in the film, I’m glad the writers made Gamora stick to her gut and push Peter into the friendzone.

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