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Wish You Were Here And Not a Hallucination (SPOILERS)


My favorite scene of this episode was the flashback scene when Molly and John officially decided to adopt Ethan.  Prior to this, I assumed that this was a decision they had made as soon as John started his research.  However, it was revealed to us that Ethan was a more recent addition to the family.  I found it interesting that he wasn’t their first choice for a son, and that Molly was a skeptic from the start.  This was unpredictable and great additional context to the story.  It provided even added even more uncertainty to the situation with Ethan.

Speaking of Ethan, the directors did a great job with the scene when John discovered the bird Ethan had been harboring.  Having just lost power, John was cloaked in darkness.  He unveiled the bird, and then turned to see Ethan standing in the doorway.  Ethan’s body was completely in shadow, sending shivers down my spine.  All you could see was his silhouette outlined in the little lighting present.  This was a great visual effect, hinting that Ethan may be more of a threat than John realized and adding even more tension to the story.

A great part of this episode was the twist when we discovered that Molly was hallucinating about seeing Marcus’s brother, Tim.  This twist was very surprising.  I had no suspicions of Tim and was caught completely off-guard when it was revealed that he was never really there.  I liked how we experienced the interactions with Tim and the reveal from Molly’s point of view.  This allowed me to sympathize with her.  This twist also increased the tension in the story and caused me to question my assumptions.  Finally, the show is feeling less predictable.  This twist caused me to question my predictions about what really went down when Molly was in space.  Obviously, there’s a lot more going on than I had previously thought.  Now, I’m curious as to what is going on inside Molly’s head, and I’m in anticipation to find out.

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