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NOW YOU’re starting to SEE the true ME (SPOILERS)


I like how in each episode of “Finding Carter,” the writers provide more context and backstory to each of the characters.  In episode four, we learned a lot about Bird.  Not only is Bird usually neglected by her parents, but she also had a dark experience in her past.  Bird only hinted at what happened, which I appreciated.  Sometimes TV shows go into great depths to describe an event that had a significant influence on a character.  The character describes every single action and how they felt.  However, in real life, people tend to share as little as possible.  I liked how the writers used a realistic approached when explaining this aspect of Bird’s past.  The reveal happened naturally and quickly, and nothing was explicitly said.  It was a sincere moment that strengthened Bird and Carter’s relationship.  And it occurred exactly how I would expect someone to break this type of news to a friend.  I continue to appreciate that “Finding Carter” focuses on real issues that teenagers experience, and they do it respectfully.

I’m glad that Carter’s relationships with her new family and friends are starting to develop.  I like seeing this new family evolve together.

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