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Turn Up the Heat (SPOILERS)


In episode five, Kathryn Prescott (who plays Carter) really shined.  There were two moments when her acting was flawless.  The first occurred when Carter and Elizabeth spent the day together.  Elizabeth was teaching Carter how to shoot bad guys when all of a sudden they started a paintball war of their own.  Carter ran out of ammo and hid from Elizabeth while laughing and screaming.  I thought that Prescott did a great job in bringing her character to life in this scene.  The terrified eyes and laughter reminded me of how people act when they’re being tickled.  Prescott’s mannerism and reaction were very genuine and realistic.  Another scene that showed off Prescott’s talents was when Elizabeth told Carter that she was no longer going to be looking for Lori.  Carter held back tears until Elizabeth left.  Then, she leaned her head back and closed her eyes, releasing the build up of tears.  Once again, Prescott’s physical acting was both realistic and natural.  After an upsetting day, Carter finally released all her tension.  In this scene, Prescott illustrated true relief.

One part of this episode that confused me was the interaction between Carter and Bird.  In the last episode, Carter and Bird’s relationship was left off on a good note.  Bird had just reveal a troubling aspect of her past with Carter, and suddenly they were closer than ever before.  However, in this episode, we saw Bird deliberately flirting with Crash in front of Carter.  She was all over him, constantly asking Carter if she cared.  Close friends do not treat each other this way.  It was as if Bird was flaunting Crash in front of Carter just to piss her off.  And while Carter attempted to not show any emotions, I was pissed.  It did not make sense to me that Bird would treat Carter this way after opening up to her.  It’s as if the writers wrote the past two episodes backwards.  This episode made Bird’s character inconsistent and almost cruel.  I hope the writers address this issue in upcoming episodes.

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