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The Fugitive: Love at First Sight (SPOILERS)


Once again, Kathryn Prescott (who plays Carter) impressed me with her acting.  What I like most about her acting is all the facial expressions she makes, which really brings her character to life.  She is a full body actor.  In this particular episode, Prescott did a great job in flirting with Crash.  She smirked and scrunched up her face in response to Crash’s comments.  This reminded me of most girls and made her acting come across very natural.  Another poignant point in Prescott’s performance was when she reunited with Lori.  You could see the surge of emotions Carter was feeling through Prescott’s wide, teary eyes and shocked expression.  Prescott excels at expressing her character’s emotions.

Unfortunately, I did not like the central focus of this episode: Crash and Carter’s relationship.  The beginning of this episode was the first time that Carter really shared her feelings with Crash.  Then suddenly, the two of them were falling head over heals in love.  All in one day, Carter learned about Crash’s dark past, and they decided that they would be together forever.  It was like love at first sight.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I do believe in love at first sight, but not like this.  This was like an unrealistic Disney version of love at first sight.  All of a sudden, they were sharing their deepest secrets and planning out their life together.  I thought that this whole situation between them was a bit over the top.  I didn’t believe that Carter inspired Crash so much as to completely change his approach on life in just one day.  What did Carter even do for him?  Just listening to his life story isn’t enough.  And the fact that Crash opened up about his troubling past so easily confused me as well.  I don’t understand why Crash is drawn towards Carter other than being attracted to her.  This whole love at first sight thing just seemed way too rushed and unrealistic.  I would have liked their relationship to have been drawn out more so that we could see it develop and truly understand why they want to be together.  And we can understand this mysterious connection they seem to have.

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