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What On Earth Is Wrong?…Many Things (SPOILERS)


I am now five episodes into “Extant,” so I can safely say that I am not very impressed with this show.

After watching Ethan and Molly get hurt, I realized that I have no emotional connection to the characters.  I wasn’t any bit concerned about them.  I wasn’t worried as to what the Agency did to Molly (which is an issue considering that she is the main character).  And I sure as hell didn’t care if Ethan came back to life (I still think that the robot son idea is a bit strange).  Another character that was focused upon in this episode was Julie.  However, I don’t see the importance of Julie’s character.  I do understand that she is John’s co-worker and helped to build Ethan.  But other than that, I feel that she is just a distraction from the actual plot of the story.  I don’t find her interesting and don’t understand why she is necessary.

Even in episode 5, the acting was still rather bland.  In this episode in particular, Camryn Manheim (who plays Sam) and Halle Berry could have done better.  When Sam betrayed Molly, I wanted to see Sam struggle a bit more with having to sacrifice her friendship.  Sam had to make a hard decision, but that wasn’t apparent in Manheim’s performance.  Some facial expressions or added hesitations would have illustrated this.  But, no, Manheim delivered her lines without any emotions behind them.  I also felt that Berry’s reactions to situations were still subdued.  When Molly realized she was physically manipulated and her baby was missing, she just kind of accepted it right off the bat.  If something like that would have happened to me, I would have been totally freaked out.  I would have been angry for being mistreated and scared over the fact that someone tampered with my body without my permission.  Berry needs to step up her game.  She has so much to work with, but hasn’t reached her full potential yet.

Because of all these issues, I’m just starting to get bored with the show.  “Extant” is a bit too predictable, and the lack of good acting and character development prevents me from getting into the story.

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