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Throw Momma From the Train (SPOILERS)


I must say, I’m starting to become more and more invested in “Finding Carter.”  I am fascinated by the characters and intrigued by the story.

In each episode, Kathryn Prescott (who plays Carter) finds a way to impress me.  In this episode, it was the scene where Carter told her father that she had been in contact with Lori, but had decided to stay with her real family.  Throughout the scene, Carter’s body shook as she choked back tears.  Through her acting, Prescott illustrated how upset and divided Carter felt about her whole situation.  Prescott’s acting was flawless as she made me believe that she truly was this character.  I’ve always left each episode sympathizing with Carter, no matter what she may have said or done because of Prescott’s performances.

My two complaints about this episode involve the character of Gabe (played by Jesse Henderson).  The first involves Gabe’s reaction towards Taylor and Max.  The previous episode left off with Gabe and Taylor realizing that they were more like brother and sister than boyfriend and girlfriend.  I thought both Taylor and Gabe were onboard with this friend-zone agreement.  However, in this episode, Gabe seemed rather upset and disappointed at the fact that Taylor was interested in another boy.  Once again, it felt as if the writers wrote these two episodes in reverse in regards to Gabe and Taylor’s relationship.  It seemed out of character for Gabe to care so much if he already agreed with Taylor that they should just be friends.

The other complaint I had about Gabe dealt with the reveal of his father’s affair with Elizabeth.  First off, does Gabe have a mother?  And if so, is she married to his father?  I want to know a bit more back story about Gabe so I can really understand how this news could affect him.  Either way, I felt that Gabe’s reaction was a bit too subdued.  Grant looked shocked with his wide eyes, while in contrast, Gabe showed less of a reaction.  He remained relatively calm.  I wish Henderson delve into his character more, allowing us to understand exactly what was going on in Gabe’s head.  I wanted to see more of a physical reaction from Gabe because obviously this was a serious situation that was being thrown at him.  How does Gabe really feel?

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