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Half Baked (SPOILERS)


In this episode, we finally learned more about Gabe’s back story and his prior knowledge of his father’s affair.  Gabe told the heartbreaking story of his mother’s death and how it took and toll on the family.  However, Gabe was completely straight-faced the entire time he shared this.  I understand that this is something that he has come to accept; however, I wish he showed at least some form of emotion.  It felt like Jesse Henderson (who plays Gabe) was just reading off his lines, not really getting into character.  Henderson needs to step up his game.  I think he is the weakest actor on this show.

The big issue in this episode was the family finding out about Elizabeth’s love affair with Kyle.  Unfortunately, the family’s reaction to this news was rather impassive.  If I found out something like this about my family, I would be absolutely devastated, and at least cry a bit.  But the girls seemed to be more disappointed than anything.  I wish the directors approached this conflict differently.  I wanted them to dig deeper into the emotions and thoughts of each character, really grasping how this affair could completely change their lives.  Affairs tear families apart and it’s not always easy to forgive.  I just wish this conflict wasn’t resolved so easily.

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