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Do the Right Thing (SPOILERS)


Jesse Henderson… he just keeps letting me down.  In the beginning of this episode, Ofe showed up at school with a black eye.  His friends, Carter, Gabe (played by Henderson), and Bird were supposed to act surprised and concerned.  However, Henderson likes to remind us that he can’t act very well.  In the scene, he looked at his friend and delivered his line barely making any facial expression.  It didn’t seem like Gabe cared one bit about his friend.  In fact, all of the actors in this scene could have done better.  They just found out that their friend Ofe had gotten himself in a bit of a pickle and was being threatened, but it just didn’t seem serious enough to them.  This is probably more of a critique of the directors than the actors, except for Henderson, of course.

There is just something missing when it comes to Crash.  I find his character very unbelievable.  He claims that he is super in love with Carter, but I just don’t see it.  And it doesn’t seem like Crash ever crosses Carter’s mind.  She has a much better connection with Taylor, Grant, Bird, and Max.  Crash and Carter have absolutely no chemistry especially compared to Taylor and Max.  Their relationship seems too forced.  They just hang out with each other and say they have feelings, but don’t show them.  So, when Crash bailed Carter out of jail, it just didn’t feel right.  Given previous scenes and episodes, I didn’t believe that Crash cared for Carter this much.  The writers need to write better dialogues and scenes involving Carter and Crash, the actors need to step up their game, and the directors need to get their concept across.

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