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Tragic Love Story (SPOILERS)


Wow!  So that was a really intense episode!

Once again, Kathryn Prescott (who plays Carter) blew me away with her acting.  The first scene when I noticed her skill was way before everything went down.  Carter and Crash visited her old house, and Carter showed the height chart on her wall.  She explained it to Crash in the most natural way.  She said “You know when your mom like makes you stand up against the wall, and then like measures your height to see how much you grow.”  It was a simple line, yet Prescott put all of her energy into it, using her intonation and expressions to make the words come to life.  It didn’t feel scripted at all, and I completely believed that Prescott was Carter in that moment.  Prescott’s acting only continued to impress me, especially during the heartbreaking shooting scene and the scenes in the hospital.  Carter was the only character crying after the shooting, making her character feel even more real than the rest.  It was a very intense episode, and Prescott stepped up to the plate, delivering her best performance yet on the show.

In regards to the shocking scene at Max’s store, the directors and technical crew pulled off an amazing stunt.  The muffled sounds combined with the choppy images added more tension to the situation.  It also made it feel as if time was passing really slowly or not at all.  This is how I imagined Carter experiencing this dangerous situation.  I also liked how this filming style leaked into the next scene at the hospital.  It was complete, utter, uncontrollable chaos, and the technical team did a great job in making me feel like a witness to this tragic event.  One other aspect that was the icing on the cake were the shots of Crash from the security camera at the store; it was spine chilling.

There is one thing that has been crossing my mind over the past few episodes, and it has to do with Elizabeth.  Right off the bat, Elizabeth was presented as this very strict mom who was not only cop at work, but at home as well.  However, as time has revealed, Elizabeth is not very strict at all.  In “Half Baked,” Elizabeth found out that her daughter, Taylor, had been smoking pot; however, it didn’t really phase Elizabeth, and I don’t think Taylor was ever punished.  In the episode following that, Elizabeth walked in on Taylor and Max having sex, yet she pretended she never saw it, ignoring the situation.  In this episode, we saw Max give Taylor a key to his apartment.  Based on Elizabeth’s past actions, I don’t think she’d have any problem with this.  However, I’m starting to question when Elizabeth will start acting like the cop everyone said she was?  If she was truly this strict cop mom, I would have expected her to be furious with her daughter for smoking pot, considering that it’s against the law.  And even most parents (not just the strict ones) wouldn’t be ok with their teenage daughter having sex under their roof.  I’m just a bit confused about Elizabeth’s character and wished that there was more consistency regarding her thoughts, dialogue, and actions.

I’m super excited for this weeks episode to find out what’s going to happen to Max.  For all our sakes, I hope he lives.

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