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Heading Towards The Finale, The Long Goodbye (SPOILERS)


Episode 11 of “Finding Carter” was super suspenseful.  Right off the bat, I was on edge, curious of Max’s fate.  Tensions were high, and I was completely engrossed in the episode.  I loved the twist when Elizabeth arrested Crash.  I was not expecting Carter’s hidden plan.  And what I loved most about this twist was that it tied in with the whole season.  On the surface, Carter’s relationship with Crash was tested, but below the surface, it Carter shared her love for Elizabeth and accepted her new, biological family.

To digress a bit, did anyone else get a “Frozen” vibe at the end of the episode?  Carter and Taylor finally made up.  They were in Max’s hospital room, hugging each other.  And ALAKAZAM, the spell was lifted: Max’s eyes fluttered awake.  This scene paralleled with the true love scene in “Frozen” when Anna sacrificed herself for Elsa, the curse was broken, and the sisters forgave each other.

Now, I am just waiting.  Waiting in anticipation for the season finale.  I have absolutely no idea as to what’s going to happen.  As of right now, I feel like most of the conflicts from this season have been resolved.  Carter’s father is no longer publishing his book, “Finding Carter.”  Carter and Bird are now on good terms.  Crash and Carter’s relationship is no longer in flux.  Crash is being punished for shooting Max.  And Max is recovering.  Carter has picked her real family over Lori.  However, the only thing we don’t know about is Lori- the most interesting conflict surrounding this whole show.  What is she up to, and what is her true history with Carter’s family?  In a few days, I hope we all know.  How is it all going to end?

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