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The LAST Wedding: More of a Finale Than a Premiere (SPOILERS)


“New Girl” returned last night with an episode bringing our favorite characters all back together.

A-list actress, Jessica Biel, guest-starred as a sexy scientists (or so it was advertised).  Biel played Kat, a crazy woman who was determined to sleep with the best man, the same man that Jess had her eye on.  The two butt heads, Kat throwing out statements such as “Ted is the only eligible guy here and we are his two best option for procreation.”  Who talks like that?  Kat was a complete exaggeration- a caricature (which is something that happens to a lot with the characters on this show).  And to be perfectly honest, Kat wasn’t a very important character- anyone could have played her.  I was really surprised that they made Biel play this character.  They made such a big deal about Biel starring on “New Girl;” however, Biel was not given the role she deserved.  Instead, she played a poorly written character with few lines and scenes.  I was disappointed.

One of my biggest complaints about “New Girl” is the romantic relationships on the show.  They come and go way too quickly.  As soon as we start getting to know a new love interest, he/she is written out of the show.  The “New Girl” cast has an issue with commitment.  In this episode, we were informed that Cece had broken up with her 20-year-old boyfriend.  Season 3 ended with Cece enjoying this relationship; it was something refreshing and different.  We barely got to meet her new boyfriend, and now he is gone with no explanation.  It just seemed like the writers needed an excuse to continue to pursue Cece and Schmidt’s relationship.  However, they let yet another relationship slip through the cracks.

The season 4 premiere of “New Girl” was just ok.  I question the productions team’s decision to choose this particular episode for the premiere.  The plot line wasn’t very exciting or even very interesting for that matter.  And it didn’t feel like the storyline was important or relevant in regards to the overall show.  If anything, this episode felt more like a finale than a premiere (considering that it ended with the gang uniting as single friends).  Because of this, there is nothing pulling me into this season of “New Girl.”  Nothing exciting me about the upcoming episodes.  Though, I can’t deny, I am glad that the whole gang is finally back together again.  I missed Schmidt’s amazing one-liners and Winston’s kookiness.  I hope next episode has a better plot line than this one did.

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