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One Hour Photo: The Series Finale Bombshell (SPOILERS)


The “Finding Carter” season finale lived up to the hype!

Once again, Kathryn Prescott wowed me with her acting.  One particular scene was when Carter reunited with Max in the hospital after the news of Max’s recovery.  Carter charged into the room with tears streaming down her face.  She couldn’t contain herself when seeing Max.  Through her acting, Prescott illustrated that Carter was feeling an array of emotions: relief, guilt, happiness, etc.  It was a flawless performance.

Another scene that tugged at my heartstrings was Max and Taylor’s break-up scene.  Both characters broke down, exhibiting the difficulty in deciding to end their relationship.  My eyes actually filled with tears along with Max and Taylor.  It was both an emotional and genuine scene that was beautifully done.

I’m glad that Max shed his perfectly sweet atmosphere for a few scenes.  Up to this point, we’ve known Max to be the most loyal friend who gives the best advice.  Yes, he may be a little ditzy, but he is the kindest and most respectful individual on this show.  But even the nicest people have their bad days and make mistakes.  In this episode, Max proved that he isn’t a perfect person- no one is.  His frustrations and remarks illustrated that even the nicest people can have their moments of anger and fear.  Max isn’t perfect and that allowed me to relate with him on a deeper level.  And I felt that Max’s reaction to his situation was a very natural and realistic reaction.  I can’t even begin to imagine how it must feel to be in his situation.

There were a few plot holes in the episode that made the script feel a bit sloppy.  Why didn’t Carter tell Elizabeth about her visit with the “crisis counselor” as soon as she got home?  If my kidnapper and my family’s stalker showed up at my doorstep, I would have called my parents or at least told them as soon as I saw them in person (especially if my mother was a cop and was trying to arrest this woman).  Carter told her father about the incident when he came home, but she didn’t inform Elizabeth until Elizabeth mentioned that she was planing to visit with the counselor herself.  Carter: Oh, yeah, by the way, the counselor is my kidnapper and your stalker, sorry I forgot to tell you.  It just seemed out of character and irrational for this to slip by.  Two other incidents involved Elizabeth.  Elizabeth received a call claiming to be from the youth counselor of the town’s crisis response team.  This phone call occurred months after Carter’s return, yet somehow, Elizabeth decided to trust whoever was on the other end.  Being a cop, I would have expected Elizabeth to be smarter about this, understanding how the crisis response team works.  Another scene where it seemed like Elizabeth didn’t have her head on straight was the ending when Lori kidnaped Carter, yet again.  How did Elizabeth not think to have a cop guarding Carter?  He/she could have easily been undercover, sitting near Carter at the restaurant, protecting her just in case something went wrong.  But Elizabeth wasn’t being a smart cop and now, it’s her fault that Carter is missing.  These few mishaps seemed unrealistic and forced me out of the world of the story.  How did the writing and production team pass over these slip ups?

This was by far my favorite episode of the season and has me eager for the show’s return.  Carter has been kidnapped once again by Lori.  It was a great way to end the season- an amazing cliffhanger!  I’m already excited for season 2, and wish I didn’t have to wait until next summer.

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