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I liked how the writers tapped into pop culture in this episode of “New Girl.”  They created a fictional dating app, “Dice,” which shares a striking resemblance to the infamous app “Tinder.”  In this episode, Schmidt gave Jess a lesson on how to use such dating apps.  It was widely entertaining.  I love when Schmidt interacts with the other characters, especially when it deals with romantic advice.  Max Greenfield’s (who plays Schmidt) improvisation is always amusing- most particularly when it involves conversations with Jess.  As obnoxious as he is, Schmidt really does care about his friends. Schmidt and Jess’s witty banter in this episode was priceless.

One part of this episode that seemed inconsistent compared to the rest of the series was Schmidt opinion of love.  While giving Jess dating advice, Schmidt mentioned that he wants to stay single.  He doesn’t buy into the whole “love” thing.  Yet, as we’ve seen from previous episodes, Schmidt does want love (especially if it involves Cece).  At one time, Schmidt was even willing to have a baby with Cece.  Jess of all people should know this and could have pointed out Schmidt’s hypocrisy.  But for some reason, it seemed perfectly normal to her that Schmidt had no interest in finding love.  This confused me.

While under the influence and hiding in a closet with her best friend’s roommates, Cece revealed that it might be a good idea for her to go back to school.  She stated that she felt stuck in life and thinks that getting a better education will help her find herself.  I love this concept for Cece, and I hope that this becomes part of her plot-line this season.

“Dice” was a classic episode of “New Girl.”  It was filled with dating advice, pranks, and of course, friendship.  It was sweet and deliciously funny.  And as always, the writing and improve was spot on.  Bring on episode 3!

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