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FINALly Awkward Is Back! (SPOILERS)


Thank goodness, “Awkward” is back; and I don’t just mean that the show has returned, but it’s finally back to the show I fell in love with in season 1 (or at least as close as it’s been in a while).  “Awkward” last ended with a mess of an episode.  The work done by the writers, actors, and directors was sloppy.  I had diagnosed “Awkward” as dead.  I was ready to throw in the towel and forget about the show.  “Finals” turned this around for me.

Thank goodness Eva is gone!!  She not only ruined the character’s lives, she ruined the show.  She was annoying and cruel. Also, she was a completely exaggeration- too extreme to be believable.  Eva was a downright horrible person who just brought down the mood, preventing any episode from being entertaining.  She ended up stealing all the thunder so far this season, taking time away from the characters we actually cared about.  I’m ecstatic that she is gone.

Eva’s dismissal was the best part of the whole episode.  And Matty was the one to come in and save the day.  He called her out and revealed that he had been keeping tabs on Eva.  Through his investigation, Matty realized that Eva acted much differently around him than everyone else.  I liked that this was revealed to us at the same time it was revealed to Eva.  We did see Matty overhear Eva’s confrontation with Jenna (which could have easily gone unnoticed).  However, the rest of his investigating was news to us.  This made the ending that much more satisfying.  Matty became the perfect high school hero he used to be.  He rid the school of evil Eva and stood up for himself and his friends.  Good guy Matty is back!

I just want to share how much I love Jenna and Lacey’s relationship.  Unlike most teenage girls, Jenna was born to teen parents.  This makes her relationship with her mother unique- anything but stereotypical.  Lacey cares for her daughter, yet she practices nonstandard parenting.  She’s had a few bumps in the road (aka the letter from season 1), but deep down, Lacey really does care about her daughter.  A great scene with them from this episode was the one following Jenna and Luke’s break up.  Lacey was comforting- in her unique way.  I just love watching the scenes when she comforts Jenna.  She always has the best intentions in mind which is really sweet.

My biggest complaint: there wasn’t enough of Tamara in this episode.  Tamara is by far my favorite character in this show, and I always look forward to hearing her tamara-isms.  Unfortunately, my weekly dose of Tamara seemed to be lacking.  This was probably due to all the attention devoted to the Eva situation.  I’m hoping to see much more of Tamara in the upcoming episodes.

I feel like we can start from scratch and end this show the way it started- realistic, entertaining, and of course, awkward (that is unless they continue the series into Jenna’s college years).  And of course, maybe there will be some potential for “Jatty” to be a thing again.  I finally feel like “Awkward” is back, and it’s refreshing.  My goodness, how long it has been!

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