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“The Goldbergs” Is An 80s Mix Tape


“The Goldbergs” is back, starting off their second season with “Love is a Mix Tape,” a story about Adam’s budding love life.

My favorite part of every “The Goldbergs” episode is at the end when creator Adam F. Goldberg provides us a snip-it from his childhood, whether it be a photo or video clip.  This footage is the inspiration for the episode.  This particular episode was about Adam’s mix tape for Dana.  I love how the creator played actual audio from the real mix tape.  The ending is by far the most entertaining part of each episode.

One aspect that I love about “The Goldbergs” is all the 80s music played in each episode.  And since the main storyline of this episode was about Adam’s mix tape, the 80s music was a dominant feature.  What I really love about all the music references in “The Goldbergs” is that they put me in the world of the story, transporting me back in time to 1980-something.

While this episode of “The Goldbergs” didn’t wow me (it wasn’t anything extraordinary), I’m still looking forward to the upcoming episodes.  (And hopefully there will be more of Barry in the upcoming episodes because he’s what makes the show)

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