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Returning from its Emmy winning sweep (yet again), the season 6 premiere of “Modern Family” was delightfully hilarious.  Our favorite TV family is back for more fun and adventure.

In the Dunphy household, this episode focused on the return of Alex after the family’s perfect summer.  I particularly liked seeing the family dynamic in Alex’s absence.  Haley and Luke are a dynamic duo together, especially since they have the most similar personalities out of the siblings.  They’re a horribly chaotic and goofy team.  And it was entertaining to see them interact one on one.

The writers were very clever when it came to the Pritchett’s storyline.  They took Sophía Vergara’s most famous asset and made a joke out of it.  In the episode, Gloria proved that a beautiful woman can get down and dirty, and that men should not take their women for granted.  Impressing a significant other isn’t just a woman’s job.

The plotline I was most eager to follow-up on in this episode was Haley’s relationship (or lack there of) with Andy, the manny.  The season 5 finale ended with them coming close, but never admitting their feelings to one another.  I am interested in seeing this storyline progress, but Andy wasn’t even in this episode.  I really hope Andy shows up in the next episode so that we can continue where we left off.  Team Andy!

Overall, “The Long Honeymoon” was a great episode.  I’m glad the family is back and am looking forward to all the mayhem they get into this season.


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