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Unbraceable You, Unbraceable Sue (SPOILERS)


My favorite TV family is back with its usual disarray when it comes to school, jobs, parenting, and just about everything.  The main plotline of this episode was Sue’s braces removal (which we knew was too good to be true).  Though it was thoroughly entertaining.

While “The Middle” is a comedy, it does have its share of heartfelt moments with it being a family sitcom.  In this episode, there was a sweet moment involving Axl and his father.  Axl confided in Brick, mentioning that he felt bad about beating his dad in basketball.  It was a touching moment, but not anywhere close to the moments in “Full House” when they would crank up the sappy music while everyone hugged.  No, it was awkward and more realistic.  While “The Middle” is a goofy show, it still has its touching moments, making it a show about a true American family.

I love “The Middle” because it is about lovable people who are far from perfect.  I’m so glad “The Middle” is back for another season.  It never disappoints.

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