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A Little Less Soul Searching And A Little More Sole Searching, Please


“Red Band Society” once again delivered in episode 2.

This episode had a theme involving shoes.  It was saturated with shoe references from the title to the footage (see what I did there?).  I liked how the creators identified this episode with a theme.  It helped to guide the episode, tying all the storylines and elements together.  It also deepened the meaning of the episode, providing viewers with philosophical concepts.  It would be interesting if the creators continue to have a new theme for each episode.  I thought it was a successful approach.

I was happy that this episode had a strong focus on Nurse Brittany.  Brittany is sweet, and I can easily relate to her- being a 20-something just starting out in the work force.  I liked how the show focused on her.  She is a member of the team that helps the patients and saves lives everyday.  She deserves to have her story told.  I like how “Red Band Society” isn’t only about the patients.

I really like the character Kara in “Red Band Society.”  She is a bit of a bully, but she has a very complicated life and complex personality.  This episode, we learned a lot about Kara’s family situation, providing us with more context to Kara’s home life and background.  It allowed me to sympathize with her on a deeper level.  I’m interested to learn more about Kara and see her character develop as the season progresses.

I really liked Kara’s stepmother, Daniella.  It’s nice to see a stepmother character in a more nurturing role than an evil role.  And Daniella was more receptive to Kara than Kara’s biological mother, Sarah, was.  I also think that Tricia O’Kelley, who played Daniella performed well in this episode.  One scene in which her acting stood out was when Daniella and Sarah were in Kara’s hospital room thinking of ideas to raise awareness about Kara’s need for a heart transplant, such as #HeartandSoul.  “Oh my god!  Write that down!  Write that down right now,” Daniella said with enthusiasm.  I was impressed with how natural Daniella’s reaction was.  Daniella has the potential to become one of my favorite characters.

One aspect of this show that bothered me last episode as well as this episode was the characters’ self-awareness.  The teenage hospital patients are too self-aware, easily diagnosing their own psyche.  These characters are too in touch with their feelings and tapped into their emotions.  This is very unrealistic for most people, but especially teenagers.  The characters should be more confused by their emotions and don’t need to explain them to us.  This aspect of “Red Band Society” just seems a bit too unrealistic to me.

Overall, episode 2 of “Red Band Society” was just as good as the first one.  Bring on episode 3!

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