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UNDERCOVER Mission Accomplished


The 2014 Golden Globe winner for Best Television Series – Comedy or Musical is back!  And not only were we excited, even the characters were happy that goofy Jake Peralta was back in the nine-nine.  “God, I missed this place,” Peralta said when he completed his undercover mission.  We agree Peralta, we missed it too.

While watching “Undercover,” I was literally laughing out loud.  I constantly find TV shows funny, but rarely do I physically laugh.  “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” is a true comedy gem.  It had me in stitches from beginning to end.

My favorite part of this show is the characters.  Unlike most comedies that have one or two characters that make the show funny, the characters of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” all contribute.  Each character is different and makes us laugh for different reasons.  They’re each funny in their own way.  And each character had at least one great one-liner this episode.  One example was Boyle’s line to Peralta in a flashback, “I got aroused last night watching a nature documentary on bees. I was fine until they went inside the hive.”  Another example was when Gina sat down with Hitchcock and Scully.  Scully said, “I accidentally smiled at you last week and you shined a laser pointer into my eye and screamed, ‘Perv.'”

Right off the bat, the two biggest cliffhangers from the season 1 finale were addressed: Peralta’s confession to Santiago, and Boyle and Gina’s sexual escapades.  The writers didn’t beat around the bush and gave us exactly what we wanted.  They provided us with an update on these two situations.  I’m glad that we were able to follow-up on where things left off.

“Undercover” was a great episode and season premiere.  I’m excited for the upcoming episodes.  Bring on the laughter!

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