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Manhattan Train Wreck (SPOILERS)


“Manhattan Love Story” consists of two of my favorite things: Manhattan and romantic comedies.  So of course I wanted to watch it.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t as good as I had hoped.

According to my boyfriend, I am a person who loves awkward humor, such as that in “The Office.”  I think the funniest moments in a show or movie are when the characters are put in awkward situations.  “Manhattan Love Story” took that awkwardness a step too far, even for me.  “Manhattan Love Story” had one of the most uncomfortable dinner scenes I think I have ever seen.  And what made it even more awkward was that it felt forced.  I could tell that the actors were trying to increase the uneasiness.  Which just made it too awkward.  Other awkward moments in this episode were when Peter saw Dana pick her teeth and nose, and sniff her arm pits, and when Dana accidentally called Peter to set up their date.  Almost every scene was excruciatingly awkward, which actually made the show hard to watch.  It was like watching a train wreck unfold before my eyes, but far less entertaining.

I also found this show to be extremely sexist.  The first scene showed Peter walking down the street, judging all the women he saw, and deciding which one’s he’d hook up with or not.  Yes, this is a bit stereotypical, but it isn’t unrealistic.  We all know that a lot of guys think that way.  Anyways, the next scene showed Dana checking out all the bags people were carrying… what?  Yes, woman can like style and fashion.  But I’ve never met a woman who “checks out” every bag she sees.  I found this scene very sexist and insulting.  If anything, I would have found it more realistic if Dana was checking out men just like Peter was checking out women.  This wasn’t the only part of the show that I found sexist.  Another instance was when Peter showed up to apologize to Dana and he brought her flowers.  Dana got distracted by the pretty lilies and almost forgave Peter.  This made me very angry.  Women obsessing over shoes and flowers is such an old stereotype, it made me gag.  It made the character seem naïve and shallow.  This is not an accurate depiction of how women think.

The pilot episode of “Manhattan Love Story” ended with Peter and Dana redoing their original date.  They planned on riding a romantic horse-drawn carriage through the city.  Unfortunately, I don’t know where the show is going to go from here.  I feel as if that is the end of the story and don’t care about what’s going to happen next.  In fact, I don’t even want the date to last because Peter is a douche and Dana is too sensitive.  I don’t like either of them, and they do not seem like the type of people who should be together.  I already want their story to end.

“Manhattan Love Story” came out at the same time as another comedy about a romantic relationship, “A to Z.”  Both are about relationships, and in both, the first episode is about the start of that relationship.  I don’t need to watch two of the same stories, especially if one is much better than the other.  Sorry “Manhattan Love Story,” but “A to Z” is my pick.

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