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The Man Sponge


“Julie Berkman’s Older Sister” was a great episode of “New Girl.”

In this episode, the boys were particularly funny.  It’s always fun to watch them bounce lines off one another.  I like how each one has a different personality and contributes to the humor of the show in their own way.  I was very entertained.

Schmidt’s sponge advertisement was absolutely amazing.  Great work done by the writing team in creating this storyline.  They also did a great job in tying it in with the roommates’ living situation.  It was very clever.  Also, I love how the commercial was included at the end of the episode.  It was hilarious.  It would be so funny if an advertisement like this actually aired on TV.

My two favorite characters in “New Girl” are Schmidt and Winston.  Schmidt has had a lot of camera time so far this season–which I love–however, Winston hasn’t been so lucky.  He hasn’t had any interesting story-lines either (other than piggy-backing off of the other characters story-lines).  I want more Winston moments!  I hope to see more developed story-lines for him in the upcoming episodes.

I love Cece and Jess’ relationship.  While they are very different, they’ve always been there for each other, sticking together through thick and thin.  I loved watching Cece egg Jess on regarding her father’s girlfriend.  Cece is the best friend a girl could have, and I always enjoy story-lines that address her and Jess’s relationship.

Speaking of Cece, I just wanted to say that the production team did a great job in casting young Cece.  She’s been in a few episodes now.  But it’s almost creepy how much the young actress looks like Hannah Simone.

Overall, I am very pleased with “New Girl” season 4 so far.

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