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Mama Drama


First off, I’d just like to say that I really like the title for this episode.  It perfectly sums up what it was about: Adam’s mother getting involved in his school’s drama program and causing drama.  I also loved how it rhymed.

Adam’s relationship with his mother has been inconsistent.  All last season, and even last episode, Adam was beginning to branch away from is mother.  He’s been growing older and wanting his mom to be less involved in his life.  In this episode, Adam reached out to his mom, asking her to help him and become super involved in his life.  I just felt like Adam took a step back rather than a step forward.  I would have expected him to be embarrassed by his mom, if anything.  I mean, didn’t he see her rollerblading?

I want Erica to have more of a storyline in the upcoming episodes.  Erica’s storylines have always been weak.  I blame it on the fact that she is an entirely fictional character- creator Adam F. Goldberg never had a sister.  Erica is interesting to me because she is the one teenage girl in the family.  I’m hoping for a greater focus on her in the next episode.

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