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New Year’s Kiss in October (SPOILERS)


“Awkward” is back to its roots- its focus redirected to Jenna, a teenage girl dealing with the struggles of high school, most particularly boys and dating.

Yay! Sadie and Sergio kissed!  I’ve been waiting for something romantic to happen between them.  I’m glad that the writers have written this romantic storyline for Sadie, especially since Sergio is the perfect guy for her–he accepts her and challenges her–and he’s super hot!

Speaking of romance, the big plotline of this episode was about Jenna and Matty’s potential New Year’s kiss.  And of course, we knew the kiss wasn’t going to happen because 1) it’s only the second episode of the season and was too good to be true, and 2) the promo for the episode completely spoiled the plot.  It was obvious that Jenna was going to end her night with the Sophomore instead.  I wish the production team was smarter in advertising for this episode.  I would have enjoyed it a lot more if I still had a bit of hope than Jenna and Matty would end their night together.  It would have made the episode more interesting and engaging.  I had nothing pulling me further into the episode because I already knew the ending.

“Awkward” is one of the only shows that I’ve seen in which the calendar schedule of the show does not match up with the real life calendar schedule.  We’re just getting off summer, while the characters of “Awkward” are in the middle of winter.  It’s always odd to celebrate New Years in October.  I’ve always thought the timing of “Awkward” was strange.  I feel like I’m less connected to the show because I don’t experience the festivities and holidays at the same time as the characters.  It’s not that distracting, but just something that I have noticed over the seasons.

“Auld Lang Party” was a good episode of “Awkward,” I just wish the promo wasn’t so revealing.

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