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I wonder if it’s just me, but I’m starting to get annoyed with Alex.  Recently, she’s been rather grumpy, and I do understand that it’s because she’s stress with school.  However, “Modern Family” is a comedy, and I watch it for laughter and light-hearted entertainment.  I feel like Alex is bringing down the mood of the show.  I find her scenes less entertaining and more frustrating.  I watch “Modern Family” to escape stress, not experience more of it.  I want the writers to wake Alex from her slump.  Her character can still have a serious personality, but she needs a more entertaining plotline.

In contrast, my favorite part of this episode was when Haley expressed her thoughts on her current life situation to Luke and her father.  It was refreshing to see her vulnerability.  Haley is going through something that happens to lots of 20-somethings making her easily relatable.  This episode illustrates that Haley is not a joke; she’s a complex person with real feelings.  And while this was an emotionally touching scene, the writers still made it funny and entertaining (what they need to do more with Alex’s scenes).  I’m curious as to where Haley’s storyline will progress from here.  I think she has a bright future ahead of her!

Joe was in this episode!  He wasn’t even in the last episode.  Sometimes, I feel like Joe is the forgotten child, which is weird, considering that the creative team decided to write him into the show.  I want to see his family interact with him more this season.

While Joe was in this episode, Andy was not.  I still want to follow-up on where he and Haley left things off.  At least Haley had a good storyline this episode, but Andy better be in episode 3, or else, I might go crazy!


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