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Liar, Liar Pants on Fire (SPOILERS)


Yay!  “Red Band Society” kept it up with the themes again.  This episode’s theme had to do with lies and sure enough, almost every character lied.  I like how the episode themes unite all the characters, illustrating that we are all innately the same.

The big lie in this episode involved Jordi.  I will admit, I was starting to get sick of Jordi.  He just seemed a bit too perfect to me, and everyone was too in love with him.  This episode, both the viewers and the characters found out that Jordi wasn’t as perfect as he had led on.  Jordi lied about his mother being dead.  As nasty of a lie it was, it made me appreciate Jordi more.  While I still don’t like him very much (compared to the other characters), I’m glad that he is flawed and more complex than I had previously thought.  I’m curious to find out more about his relationship with his mother.

While we’re on the topic of Jordi, does anyone else find it strange how attached Jordi is to Dr. Adam McAndrew?  I understand that Jack is his doctor and is trying to cure his cancer, but didn’t they just meet each other?  I just can’t seem to believe that Jordi would become this trusting this fast (especially considering that he has trusts issue with his mother).  It seems unrealistic to me and out of character.

“Red Band Society” is narrated by Charlie, the kid in a coma.  We learned a bit about him in the first two episodes.  We found out that he can speak to the other patients when they are unconscious.  And in the pilot episode, we learned that whatever placed him in this coma had something to do with his father (but it wasn’t the father’s fault).  Unfortunately, I still feel like I don’t know anything about Charlie.  I know he’s in a coma and has physical limitations.  But he is narrating the show, so he must be important.  I want to see Charlie’s storyline progress.  I also want him to have more of a personality.  He seems rather too perfect to me.  He is the biggest culprit for being too self-aware, and he appears to be the youngest character on the show.  There is no way a young teenager could be that mature.  So, I’m asking the writers to please make Charlie more realistic and give him an appropriate personality.

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