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Is It All Her Fault? (SPOILERS)


My biggest complaint from the pilot episode of “How to Get Away with Murder” was the camera work.  I thought the filming style was overly choppy and distracting.  This episode, I didn’t notice this.  I’m glad the directing style wasn’t as distracting.

What I like about this show is the way it’s presented; it makes me feel like I’m a student in Professor Keating’s class.  I feel like I’m actually learning how to be a defense attorney, which I know isn’t really the case… TV shows exaggerate certain things, while others are understated.  However, I like to think that every Thursday at 10pm, I have my criminal law lecture with Professor Keating.  The lessons I learned this week were that everyone lies, and it really doesn’t matter if your client is lying or not.  I’m eager to learn more!

I like that we learned more about the characters this episode.  I’m beginning to understand their personalities.  And I’m starting to get a grasp on who the characters are.  I’m looking forward to growing closer to each of them as the season progresses.

Viola Davis shined in this episode.  Of course, she did last episode as well, but I didn’t take notice of that- there was so much else going on.  I have never seen Davis play a character like Professor Keating, but her performance has been great so far.  This episode, I began to like Keating a lot more.  Keating is a very complex character and unlike anyone I’ve seen before.  She is deeply flawed, yet relatable.  She is extremely insecure even though she puts up this powerful front.  I can’t even begin to image how a job like hers could take a toll on her.  While I wasn’t particularly fond of Keating in the pilot episode, she is starting to grow on me.

I’m one of those people who tends to over think everything, including story plotlines.  For example, I guessed the ending of “The Sixth Sense” while watching the movie.  But “How to Get Away with Murder” has been totally unpredictable to me.  Throughout each episode, I come up with my own theory about the murder involving the students.  Last episode, I guessed that the dead body was of Asher; however, at the end, it was revealed to be Sam.  This episode, I began to speculate that Professor Keating was just crazy and had her students arrange the murder of her husband as an assignment.  However, the big reveal at the end showed that Rebecca might be responsible.  As you can see, I’m actively watching and developing a theory during each episode, but each time, my theory has been proven wrong.  “How to Get Away with Murder” is filled with twists.  I am totally hooked.  I want to figure out what’s going on and why.

What I was not expecting from this episode was to get questions answered.  We found out who might be responsible for Sam’s murder, and we also received a bit more information about Sam’s involvement with Lila Stangard.  Of course, there are still more questions to be answered, but I’m optimistic about figuring them out.  It seems like the creative team has a master plan and won’t be leading us down a path with no results. I’m exited to see how everything unfolds.

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