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Single Point of Success (SPOILERS)


I liked the second episode of “Scorpion”  much more than the first.  It was more interesting and less confusing.

The conflict in this episode was about biohacking, the hacking and alteration of DNA and genetic material.  In the episode, victims’ genetic sequences were targeted with a deadly virus,  I found this fascinating and terrifying… Does biohacking actually exist?  Well, I went to investigate and it does… I’m glad that the writers chose this interesting plotline.

Not being a software wiz, I was still a bit confused about all the computer hacking.  It just seemed too easy- pushing a few buttons and everything is fixed.  I was able to follow along better this episode than last; however, I still got lost every now and then.

On the topic of hacking… I find “Scorpion” to not be engaging at times.  Walter, the main character, is a hacker, so in each episode, the storyline revolves around computer hacking.  I personally don’t find hacking to be that interesting to watch.  Usually the person just sits in front of a computer, presses a few buttons, and Voila! the job is done.  While this is impressive, it’s not entertaining.  I would prefer someone to physically do something like when Sylvester broke into the CDC.  At least this episode was about biohacking, but I’m concerned about how the writers are going to keep the upcoming episodes engaging.

The group of geniuses that comprise “Scorpion” are very interesting.  They’re a weird bunch with nothing in common except for the fact that they’re all super smart in their different areas of expertise (except for Paige, of course).  I like how each character is unique, and I enjoy getting to learn more about them.  But I do want to find out how they all met.

Now on to Paige… Why is she even in this show?  I know she helped save the day last episode, but how does that immediately make her part of the group?  What does she have to offer?  It seems like she’s just the mother of the group, making sure everyone behaves.  The only obvious reason she’s in the show is to be a romantic interest for Walter, which makes her one-dimensional and uninteresting.  I want the writers to either get rid of Paige or develop her storyline, making her more complex.  Also, Paige just met these people, but she’s acting as if she’s known them for a while.  “Walter’s not normally like this,” she kept saying, but how does she even know what Walter is like?  Didn’t they just recently meet?  Paige’s relationship with the other characters and her whole involvement in the show just seems odd.

After watching this episode, I’ve decided that I’m going to give “Scorpion” another shot.  It still has its issues, but this episode showed more promise than the previous one.

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