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Something About Chocolate Milk…


Once again, this episode of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” had great one-liners.  The writing team is very clever and the improv is spot-on.  I wasn’t laughing as hard as the last episode, but it was still entertaining.

I’m glad that the writers are continuing Boyle and Rosa’s storyline.  I was afraid that it’d be put on the back-burner since the whole Boyle/Gina situation.  But it looks like they’re going to pursue both storylines.  Yay!  Double the fun!

The case that Peralta was trying to solve this episode was strange (in more ways than one).  I didn’t exactly know what was going on.  I knew it had to do with chocolate milk and a stabbing.  But I didn’t know any of the suspects’/witnesses’/victims’ names.  I know the characters mentioned some names, but I couldn’t remember who was who because the writers barely focused on it.  I understand that this case wasn’t supposed to be that important- the focus being on Peralta and Terry’s relationship.  However, I found it to be distracting and confusing.  And I had absolutely no interest in the case because of how confusing it was.

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