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The Not-So-Royal Wedding (SPOILERS)


My favorite character in “The Goldbergs” by far is Barry.  And this episode was a great Barry episode.  We finally got to follow-up on his kiss with Lainey from the season 1 finale.  In this episode, Barry was eccentric as always and had great lines.

Hayley Orrantia, who plays Erica, has a great voice.  Two episodes have highlighted this: “Kara-Te” and “The Facts of Bleeping Life.”  In “Kara-Te,” Erica went out of her comfort zone to perform at her school talent show.  She was the best of the night, taking home the prize.  Finally, in “The Facts of Bleeping Life,” Erica sang again.  I want Erica to have more interesting storylines, and I think focusing on her singing is a great way to address that.

I like how this episode referenced the royal wedding with Prince Charles and Princess Diana.  When Prince William and Kate Middleton married 3 years ago, I woke up at 5am to watch it all unfold just like Bev did back in 1980-something,  While “The Goldbergs” is set in the 80s, “The Facts of Bleeping Life” was still a relatable episode.  And it was interesting to see clips and character reactions from the royal wedding of the 80s.

I like how this episode of “The Goldbergs” focused on the Goldberg’s marriage.  In almost every episode, Bev and Murray butt heads.  This episode was a nice contrast.  While they did quarrel, they also had a very touching scene at the end of the episode.  Bev and Murray love and respect each other.  It was nice to see them in this light.  This episode reinforced why Bev and Murray are together.

Unfortunately, I did have an issue with the “second wedding” in this episode.  It is physically impossible that Murray was able to set all that up in such short notice.  Where did they find chairs and suits at 4am?  Maybe they already had them from the event Bev had been planning.  But still, how did they set it up so fast?  The concept of the “second wedding” was touching, but it was also unrealistic.  It took me out of the world of the story.

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