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Orphaned Patients Looking For A Home


The theme in “There’s No Place Like Homecoming” revolved around the concept of home.  Introducing the episode, Charlie said, “but the thing about home is that we can’t stop hoping it will always be exactly as we left it.”  I related so well with that line and immediately felt more connected to the characters.

There’s something that I’ve been wondering since the show started: Where are everyone’s parents?  These teenagers live in a hospital because they are all severely ill, yet only Kara and Jordi (the newcomers) and Charlie have had their parents stop by.  What about Leo, Emma, and Dash’s families?  I assume that none of them have family issues like Jordi, so I would expect their parents to visit every day.  And I’m sure at least one of them has a sibling.  Dr. Adam McAndrews mentioned to Jordi in episode 3 that research shows that patients recover better when their families are present.  Well, where is everyone’s family?  It just seems really bizarre to me.

Dash’s character is a bit weak.  As of right now, he has just been piggy-backing of Leo’s storyline.  He should be his own individual, not an extension of Leo.  I understand that Leo means a lot to Dash, but I want to glimpse into Dash’s life as well.  What does Dash like to do?  Where did Dash grow up?  I want to learn all these things, but his storylines so far are preventing me from doing so.  I hope the writers provide better storylines for him so we can get to know Dash and watch his character develop.

At homecoming, Leo said that he met Kara only five days beforehand.  This shocked me.  I had assumed that a few weeks had passed by between the four episodes, not just a few days.  The pacing in this show seems off, and now I’m confused with the timeline.  I thought each episode comprised a few days, not just one.  I hope the creative team clears this up so that I’m able to follow along better.

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