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For the past five seasons, we have watched Gloria baby Manny.  She always refers to him as her perfect son.  This episode, Manny finally called her out, revealing that all the praise was putting pressure on him.  I was not expecting this to happen.  But I’m glad that the writing team decided to address this aspect of their relationship.  Time and time again, I have seen mother-son relationships like this, and it’s interesting to watch how it influences both individuals involved.

Throughout “The Cold,” Phil and Luke tried to edit Mitch and Cam’s wedding video so that it wasn’t revealed that Phil was “patient zero.”  The creative team did a great job in making the edits as funny as possible, placing them in the perfect moments.  One example was when Luke laughed after Jay mentioned the death of his father.  I couldn’t help but laugh along as well.

Finally!  Andy was in an episode!  I’m glad we were able to follow-up with Haley and Andy’s relationship.  However, I was not entirely satisfied with their interaction.  They kissed!  But Andy did not react to it.  It was as if nothing happened.  Because of this, I left the episode just as confused as Haley, which was probably the writer’s intention.  But unfortunately, I wasn’t satisfied.  It seemed out of character and even unrealistic that Andy would show absolutely no response.  I’m hoping that he was just pretending, and it will be revealed in the next episode that he was overly ecstatic about the kiss.

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