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What the Hell? (SPOILERS)


As upsetting as it was that Jenna did not get in to SCU, it was also satisfying.  It made “Awkward” more realistic.  Not everyone’s life goes according to plan and not everyone gets into the college they desire.  This happens to thousands of students every year.  The writers explained that life is messy and full of disappointments, but things will work out in the end as long as you keep trying.  This storyline made Jenna more relatable and allowed for her character to develop.

The costume crew did a great job in designing Val’s outfit for this episode.  She wore a red patterned shirt and a jean skirt.  On top of that, she donned a hippy style sleeveless cardigan, a bulky, colorful necklace, and of course, a large fanny pack.  While this isn’t something I would wear, I loved it on Val.  It showed off her eccentricity.  Great job done by the costume team!

We’ve seen Lissa’s mother a few times now, including in “Welcome to Hell.”  Jenna Lamia was perfectly casted as Lissa’s mom.  Lamia shares such a shocking resemblance to Greer Grammer, who plays Lissa.  They have similar facial features and complexions.  It’s hard to believe they’re not actually related.

What was up with the “Hell Tent?”  During the episode, there was a career fair at school.  Lisa manned the “Work for God” table, but there was also a huge tent titled “Hell Tent.”  If one was to go inside, he/she would learn about the seven deadly sins.  Not only does that not have anything to do with choosing a career, it’s also very inappropriate for a school event.  How did the school even allow this?  I understand that the writers wanted a scene where Lisa could convince her father to admit his sexuality; however, this “Hell Tent” idea was way too extreme.  Along with this, the acting during the scenes in the “Hell Tent” was horrific.  Grammer and Molly Tarlov (who plays Sadie) recited their lines with no expression or emotion.  They said them in straight monotone.  It was painful to watch.  I wish the “Hell Tent” was never a part of this episode.

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