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B is for Bye, Bye Bad Boy (SPOILERS)


Lets start with the character that stole the episode, Andrew’s boss, Lydia.  She’s so over the top, it’s hilarious.  She’s arrogant and oblivious.  I enjoyed all of her scenes and hope to see more of her in upcoming episodes.

Andrew is a rare creature in romantic comedies.  He is attractive, yet he is super awkward.  Andrew is a hopeless romantic who falls head over heals in love.  He is a bit too intense, scaring girls away with comments such as “I’ve been walking around with music in my head since the moment that we met.”  But Andrew represents a group of men who are rarely seen in romantic comedies nowadays.  We are used to seeing the douche-y guy, who only wants sex, and then all of a sudden completely changes when he meets his soul mate, a hopeless romantic female- this is banal.  It’s refreshing to see a more genuine male character like Andrew, and see the girl in the more cynical role.

In “A to Z,” we’re able to see the two different sides of a romantic relationship.  We see how both individuals experience this relationship, and I love how they paralleled one another.  Both Andrew and Zelda buy each other gifts after their first date (and the same gift, I might add), have their friends spy on each other’s dates, and have music playing in their heads when the other makes them happy.  While both experience the world in different ways, they want the same things.  The creative team for “A to Z” shows us that we all want the same things when it comes to a relationship, and that Andrew and Zelda, in particular, are a perfect match.

Does anyone else find it odd that Andrew and Zelda are giving each other gifts after only one date?  Don’t get me wrong, I know they’re practically soul mates, but I do think it’s a bit unrealistic.  No one would do this in real life, and I would expect at least Zelda to have been hesitant.  They are just getting to know one another, and it just seems a bit strange.

Throughout this episode, Andrew and Zelda described their first date.  Apparently they walked around and “saw a rack with personalized license plates,” but we, as viewers, did not get to see the date ourselves.  According to the happy couple, the date was amazing, but I don’t know whether to take their word for it or not.  I would feel more satisfied with seeing it myself, and it would probably be entertaining as well.  Next time, I hope the writers show us instead of having the characters tell us.

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