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Landline: A Case of Nostalgia


“Landline” satisfied my nostalgia by bringing back the old times of the roommate trio, Nick, Schmidt, and Winston.  “I miss you guys,” said Nick, addressing what we’ve all been thinking.  I’m glad the writers answered our prayers.  I love seeing the trio interact together.

Winston had a great storyline this episode!  In fact, everyone had a substantial storyline (except Cece).  Winston had to deal with his crazy “girlfriend,” Judy, and he showed off his smooth phone conversation skills.  Jess confronted sexual behavior in the workplace.  Nick worked as a secretary, wanting to connect more with his friends.  Schmidt was “interviewed” for an article in the magazine, “Business, Man!” and Coach got it on with a few teachers.  I commend the writers for balancing all these storylines and giving each character equal camera time in both quantity and quality.

“Hello, Dog!”  It was amusing to watch Jess interact with her boss.  They have a very odd and unique relationship, unlike anything we’ve seen on this show.  All their scenes in “Landline” were entertaining.  I hope to see them interact more this season.

I loved Jess’ wardrobe in “Landline.”  She’s always dressed in cute dresses and outfits (sometimes too cute if you count her ribbon hat), but this episode, she was both professional and chic.  One outfit that comes to mind was when she wore the black blazer atop a dark blue dress.  Another was her black and white outfit which consisted of a patterned skirt and sweater.  Not to mention, Jess’ hair looked flawless this episode.  These outfits illustrate that Jess is maturing more into her new administrative position.  Great work done by the costume crew!

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