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The Jimmy Jab Games (SPOILERS)


I liked seeing Peralta and Santiago get along in “The Jimmy Jab Games.”  We’re so used to seeing them argue or, as of recently, talk about their feelings.  I was a nice change to see them joking and laughing together.  I now understand why Peralta likes Santiago.  It’s evident that she makes him happy.  And their interactions look very natural.  It’s entertaining to watch them play of one another.

I like that the writers created an enemy for Captain Holt in the form of Deputy Chief Wunch.  It’s amusing to see Holt get flustered since he is usually calm, cool, collective, and in control.  We’re starting to see a different side of Holt, adding complexity to his character.

I’m glad that Holt and Terry decided to have Rosa lead the task force.  Usually, Peralta and Santiago take on leadership roles.  Rosa is just as talented, but a lot tougher.  I am interested to see how Rosa does in a leadership position and, most particularly, the dynamic of the group under her command; it’s sure to be entertaining.

Last episode, Rosa agreed to go with Boyle to his ex-wife’s wedding.  I was glad that we were able to follow-up on their relationship, but we never found out how the wedding went.  I know it wasn’t important, but I am curious and want to know if Boyle and Rosa are going to become closer friends.  I don’t necessarily want their relationship to become romantic, but I want the writers to continue their storyline.

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