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Rock Me Like A Cyclone


Almost all of my concerns from last episode were addressed in this episode, most particularly Paige’s involvement in the show and how the group came to be.  “What exactly is her purpose here?” Toby asked Walter, and Sylvester revealed that he’d been thinking the same thing.  Not only am I confused, but all of the characters are trying to figure out why Paige is even there.  “She’s pretty,” Sylvester replied, which is exactly what I assumed was her purpose: eye candy for the show.  I’m glad that the creative team is aware that her character seems out-of-place.  They emphasized that Paige is the “translator” of the group, guiding them in social situations.  I feel better about her role in the show now.  While the members of Scorpion addressed their concerns about Paige, Walter touched briefly on the subject of how they all met.  Walter found each of these geniuses stuck in sticky situations, saved them, and united them all together.  He was finally able to fit in with a group of individuals.  I wish we got a little more context than that, but I least I know how they came to be.

My favorite character, hands down, is Toby.  He is hilarious and embraces his flaws.  Whenever he’s on-screen, he steals the scene.  I want the other characters to become just as entertaining.  They don’t have to be funny, but need to keep my attention.

This group of geniuses is called “Scorpion,” hence the name of the show.  As Walter taught us at the end of the episode, a group of scorpions is called a cyclone.  Throughout the episode, Toby mentioned that their theme song was “Rock You Like a Hurricane” by Scorpion.  Hurricanes and cyclones are the exact same thing, they just occur in different locations on earth.  The writers were super clever in connecting all these elements together.  Mind blown.

I must say, in each episode, “Scorpion” has improved.  And I’m starting to get hooked.

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